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SVEZA annually produces over 1,260,000 m3 of wood board:

  • 960,000 m3 of plywood
  • 300,000 m3 of particle board

SVEZA mills are located in regions that are naturally rich in birch woods. Due to the convenient location of our mills, we also offer ideal logistics.

Skilled workers who have learned their craft from family tradition work at our facilities.

SVEZA uses the most advanced equipment and precision instruments such as: continuous peeling and drying lines from RAUTE (Finland), clipping lines from Schelling and Holzmann (Germany), surfacing-and-jointing equipment from Hashimoto (Japan), and sanding machines from Steinemann (Germany).



SVEZA Ust-Izhora, St. Petersburg

SVEZA Kostroma, Kostroma

  • Founded in 1913
  • International certificates: ISO 9001FSC CoCEN (CE-mark)BFU-100
  • Annual production capacity (plywood): 250,000 m3
  • Annual production capacity (particle board/film faced particle board): 110,000 m3

SVEZA Novator, Vologda Region

SVEZA Uralskiy, Perm Territory

  • Founded in 1956
  • International certificates: ISO 9001, FSC CoCEN (CE-mark), BFU-100
  • Annual production capacity (plywood): 210,000 m3
  • Annual production capacity (particle board/film faced particle board): 220,000 m3

SVEZA Manturovo, Kostroma Region

  • Founded in 1915
  • International certificates: EN (CE-mark)BFU-100
  • Annual production capacity (plywood): 100,000 m3

SVEZA Verhnaya Sinyachiha, Sverdlovsk Region

  • Founded in 1972
  • International certificates: FSC CoC,  EN (CE-mark)
  • Annual production capacity (plywood): 180,000 m3


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