Sveza increases plywood shipments to Africa almost threefold in 2023 Sveza increases plywood shipments to Africa almost threefold in 2023
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Sveza increases plywood shipments to Africa almost threefold in 2023
20 March 2024
In 2023, Sveza Group achieved an almost triple increase in shipments to the African continent — a 240% growth over 2022 — setting a new record in the company's history.

Africa is a rapidly growing market for Russian companies, with many countries in the continent demonstrating remarkable growth in many areas, including mining and quarrying, industrial production, transport, and all sectors of the construction industry from new infrastructure to residential housing to interior decoration.

Sveza is a trusted supplier to customers in dozens of countries across four continents. In Africa, Sveza secured high demand for its products by establishing close business relations with many companies from the construction and furniture industries, and achieved a 240% increase in shipments to the continent in 2023 over 2022. Today, Sveza is a number one supplier in quite a few African countries.

“The Russian authorities recommend Africa for the Russian business as a very attractive market, and we see a lot of potential there. The local economies demonstrate sustainable growth, and they are historically very open to contacts with the Russian suppliers. We estimate we could increase sales to Africa 1.5–2 times in the future,” says Alexey Lyapunov, Sveza’s Head of Sales in Africa.

Recently, many large African companies have significantly increased plywood orders from Sveza, among them a well-reputed family-owned furniture manufacturer from Egypt. The company has been in the market for over 70 years, and supplies the domestic market, other countries of Africa, and the Middle East.

Customer-centricity is one of Sveza’s strategic priorities. The company has teams dedicated to specific industries and specific projects, continuously improves customer service, and closely works with customers to create new products tailored to customers’ specific needs. One of Sveza’s customers in Africa is the largest shipyard in the continent’s north-east. The company uses Sveza’s plywood for the construction of luxury yachts.