Sveza launches an app for counting sheet material in bundles Sveza launches an app for counting sheet material in bundles
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Sveza launches an app for counting sheet material in bundles
13 May 2024

Sveza Group has developed a unique tool for accurate real-time counting of bundled sheet material of almost any type. 


Mobile app Plycounter counts the quantity of bundled sheet material of any size and thickness within a few seconds. The user only needs to point their phone camera at the bundle. A useful tool that saves time and cost of complaint handling work, the app has successfully passed customer tests.


The counting method utilizes a combination of machine vision techniques for precise counting and works even in low-light conditions. Picture resolution is an important factor. If a picture comes out blurry, the app will prompt the user to take another picture. 


“This new digital product by Sveza can be applied not only in plywood manufacturing, but also in many other industries using sheet material and preshaped forms, such as the iron and steel industry. Today, foreign technology is not always available for many Russian companies, or the support has been discontinued. Technology and equipment created by Sveza will always be there and come with guaranteed support. In addition, it is cheaper than similar foreign technology,” says Nikita Marchenko, General Manager at Sveza SmartLine. 


Strengthening innovation expertise is part of Sveza Group’s strategy. Over more than 25 years of history, the company has gained extensive experience and deep understanding of the needs of the forest industry. Sveza has several in-house R&D centers where qualified and experienced professionals develop unique products and solutions that help drive the development of the Russian forest and other industries. 


Sveza Group launched Sveza SmartLine in 2024 as a subsidiary company dedicated to developing Sveza’s expertise in innovations, and promoting its knowledge of the industry in the market.