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Sveza Presented Birch Plywood for LNG Tankers at Kormarine
28 October 2019
Sveza, global leader in birch plywood manufacturing, participated in KORMARINE international exhibition held October 22-25 in South Korea.

International Marine, Shipbuilding, Offshore, Oil & Gas Exhibition (KORMARINE 2019) is Asia’s leading industry exhibition. The event is held every two years as part of the international Korean industrial Marine Week. Every show gathers more than 30 thousand people from more than 80 countries.

It is the second time that Sveza takes part in this exhibition. The focus of company’s exposition is SVEZA Gas – high-quality 100% birch plywood for use in the insulation planking of vessels, built with the use of NO96, N096 L03/03+, Mark III system developed by GTT for liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation and storage. Moreover, Sveza is the only company in Russia and one of the four plywood manufacturers in the world certified by three GTT systems.

Apart from plywood SVEZA Gas samples in a wide range of thicknesses from 6 to 92 mm the stand presented a fragment of a genuine insulation panel used in the liquefied gas transportation system. This membrane tank element allows demonstrating possible application of SVEZA Gas.

The global LNG tanker market has been growing since the end of 2018. Demand for LNG carriers is increasing amid rising demand for gas. Korean shipyards are undisputed leaders in gas carriers construction. In 2018, 78%* of global orders for the construction of tankers and floating storage facilities for liquefied natural gas were placed with companies of South Korea.

“Sveza has been producing plywood for LNG tankers since 2016 and has already established itself as a reliable and sustainable manufacturer at the global market. The company offers end-to-end solutions for membrane tanks construction for liquefied gas carrying tankers, floating regasification and power plants, onshore storage and fuel tanks. We strive to increase the share of specialized products for the needs of specific industries and customers, and KORMARINE 2019 exhibition is a great opportunity for us to identify new opportunities for the use of plywood in whole Maritime transport segment,” - noted Svyatoslav Sarson, Marketing Director of Sveza.

* - according to the data provided by Braemar company